Bravo Tricked Viewers (Including Chrissy Teigen) Into Watching Their New Show

We might as well just refer to Bravo as the Regina George of television because the network is proving to be both fabulous and evil. The network easily tricked audiences into watching an episode of their latest reality show, Summer House, by weaving together the new cast with the existing stars of Vanderpump Rules. It was a smart move, because it wasn't until after the show wrapped that viewers realized they had just watched the premiere of a brand new show that had nothing to do with Pump. Bravo-lover Chrissy Teigen fell victim to the clever casting manipulation (they orchestrated it as such to have a group of Pump people travel to Montauk, the setting of the new show, and hang out with the new cast). On Twitter, she wrote, "Bravo's seamless transition from pump rules into summer house tricked me into watching summer house and while I am not mad, I FEEL TRICKED."
Her followers, who also were unable to spot the transition from one show to another, pointed out that this is becoming a signature trait for the network — it's exactly what they did to introduce Vanderpump Rules as a spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
But others just felt totally betrayed.
And yes, this is in fact that show that pissed off the entire town of Montauk. Like we said: fabulous, but evil.

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