An Upcoming Bravo Reality Show Is Pissing Off A Whole New Summer Beach Town

Bravo's latest attempt at twentysomethings behaving badly is getting called out by the East Hampton town in which the new show allegedly takes place. Summer House, Bravo's upcoming series about a group of troublemaking friends sharing a beach home, is attempting to do for Montauk what Jersey Shore did for, well, the Jersey Shore. The trailer for the series, which will debut on January 16, promises alcohol-fueled roommate drama, salacious hookups, and, above all else, plenty of township name-dropping. Here's how Blonde Rascal Archetype describes Montauk in the trailer: “The Hamptons is like your mom's friend who wears pearls... Montauk is like your mom’s friend’s daughter, who’s a little promiscuous. And by a little...I mean a lot.”


As reported by Page Six, Montauk’s Chamber of Commerce didn't take too kindly to Summer House calling the Long Island town slutty — especially since the show didn't film in Montauk in the first place. Says chamber president Paul Monte: "We are very concerned that this show promotes a false picture of Montauk as a raucous party town, when in fact the complete opposite is true... Montauk is a unique hamlet of pristine beaches and preserved parklands, and a vacation destination for families, nature lovers, and mature adults." As someone who grew up on Long Island, I wouldn't say Montauk has the reputation that Summer House describes. Montauk is where you go to get crab legs and watch fireworks that are probably/definitely illegal. Not that Bravo would know anything about that, of course, because according to the Chamber of Commerce, the show didn't even film in the East Hampton escape: "Bravo falsely puts out that Summer House was filmed in a Montauk house. In fact, the house was located in Amagansett... Furthermore, the producers were denied a permit to film on public lands anywhere in East Hampton Town, and that includes the hamlet of Montauk." Amagansett, a town over, is 13 whole miles away from Montauk. So, this is awkward. Bravo has yet to comment.

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