The New Bachelor Promo Nearly Gives Colton's Ending Away

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Caution: Major Bachelor spoilers for the March 4 episode ahead.
Cassie's shocking departure on The Bachelor may not be the last time we (or Colton) see her. A promo for the upcoming two-night finale makes it look like Colton goes after Cassie on The Bachelor, perhaps in an Arie-style attempt to get her to take him back.
The promo features some very explicit clues that Cassie is Colton's main focus. And this time, they may not be misdirection. It's hard to misread things like the shots of his two remaining women, Tayshia and Hannah G., crying as if they'd just been eliminated (perhaps because Colton was going after his one true love?). Hannah G. was even seen packing a suitcase in the promo. The preview also shows Colton knocking on someone's door, and a heartfelt embrace in which the blonde contestant's face is painstakingly obscured, so it certainly looks like ventures somewhere to give someone a very important brace (perhaps Cassie, in her hometown?). Colton also says that he might get his heart broken, and considering he already had it shattered, it kinda seems like Cassie might be involved with this second potential break. After all, Colton was ready to end up with Cassie, and he told her as much during her exit.
He said he loved her, and he couldn't stop thinking about her even on dates with the other women. Cassie was confused about her own feelings, though, and stressed out about the timeline of the process and an impending proposal. Colton tried to reassure her that they didn't have to focus too much on the timeline or put too much pressure on things. It's quite possible that, distraught over her leaving, he could show up at her house and offer a "let's just date" situation where they get to know each other better before any kind of engagement.
At one point during the Fantasy Suites episode it looked like maybe Colton would go after Cassie, like, right then. He walked away from the filming area and hopped a gate that led out of the resort. The producers and Chris Harrison even briefly lost track of him, as they wandered around in the dark deserted road looking for their Bachelor. Previews show that the cameras do catch up with him eventually, where he sobs that "every time I put myself out there I get f*cking rejected." Cassie's rejection was extra hard for him, because he had just been saying earlier in a talking head that he knew he loved her and was so excited for their future together.
That's a lot to give up based on one goodbye conversation. Also, it wasn't like Cassie came to him and said that she just didn't like him. She said she was confused about things, unsure of how she felt, unable to place where her emotions were coming from, and ultimately stressed by the limited time left. When she left, she and Colton kissed goodbye a few times and then said they loved each other. Is Colton going to let her walk away for good after that goodbye was anything but final seeming? How about: No.
This is the guy who went all the way to Bachelor in Paradise to try dating Tia again. He's got some serious follow-through, and he seems passionate about his life with Cassie.
Now, whether Cassie accepts him back or not is another question. As much as Colton tried to reassure her and get her to stay while in Portugal, she seemed pretty set in her decision. Unless she really misses Colton in the time they're about to have apart, she could reject him again if and when he shows up at her house.
But maybe that's a risk Colton is willing to take for love. We'll just have to tune into the finale to find out if it's really going to be the most dramatic one ever.

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