Vanderpump Rules' Tom & Ariana Just Took A Major Relationship Step

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If you watched Vanderpump Rules on Monday, you might be wondering about the status of Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix in 2019. There's no denying that the pair, who recently celebrated their fifth anniversary, have a lot of fun together. But tensions rise when major life decisions, like the idea of Tom & Ariana buying a house and having kids, come up once again. In this week's episode, Madix mentions she is over renting in Los Angeles and craves "the financial independence that comes from getting a house and owning property." Kudos to her for knowing what she wants and working to accomplish her goal. And despite what you may have heard, millennials are buying homes (they're just more selective about their investments), and that includes Millennial couple Tom & Ariana, who did get their house. But not without some drama first.
Sandoval, for the most part, seemed on board with Ariana's plan to ditch the year leases and invest in a home; however, he had some stipulations.
"No matter what happens in our future, we should just make sure that we have enough bedrooms," he tells Ariana on the show. "I would, at some point, want to have kids, whether it's adopt or whatever. I'd like to raise a kid or kids. But obviously, you see how long it takes just getting a house processed and other things that we want to do. But is that something that in the future, in the far, distant future, that you would be maybe open to considering?"
If her eye rolls and refusal to take out her headphones were any indication, this was the last discussion she wanted to have. "There [are] two things that I know for sure: I don't want to have kids, and I really, really want people to stop asking me over and over if I want to have kids," she tells the camera. "Stay the fuck out of my uterus."
These two clearly don't align on everything, but it does seem that Sandoval and Madix have either come to an agreement or tabled the uncomfortable discussions, because they just bought a $2.075 million house together in Valley Village, California. Bravo's Home & Design reports the stunning 4,400-square-foot, farmhouse-style home features five bedrooms and five-and-a-half baths (perfect to accommodate kids, guests, or anyone who values privacy).
The only downside to this latest development in their romance is the distance from SUR, West Hollywood, and all their Vanderpump pals. The couple's new home is in Valley Village, which is in (you guessed it), The Valley, and at least a 30 minute drive from their lives in WeHo. And moving to a house in the Valley is essentially LA for "settling down," so it would seem that these two are going quite strong as a couple. Instagrams like these also help to show how close these two remain:
But don't think that moving to the Valley means they're out of the WeHo crew. Sandoval and Madix couldn't resist adding their stamp on the space in the most Vanderpump Rules way possible. "We bought it turn-key," Sandoval told Home & Design. "The finishes are all really nice and everything, but we're [going to add] a social media room. It's just gonna be like a photo studio-type thing."
Here's hoping that we'll eventually get a glimpse at their housewarming party on the show — and all the professional, glam selfies their Vanderpump cohorts are sure to take!

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