Fact: Tayshia's Dad Doesn't Owe The Bachelor His Blessing

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Bachelor fans (and Colton) have already been warned that Tayshia's father may have an issue with this whole process when Tayshia brings Colton around for hometowns. During their one-on-one date on the Feb. 18 episode of The Bachelor, Tayshia warned Colton about her dad. "I think my dad might have a little hesitation at first and some questions," she said when Colton asked if her father was ready to meet another man in Tayshia's life. "His personality type is to be kind of a hard ass," she added.
Tayshia raised a similar concern in a preview for the hometowns episode, telling Colton, "My dad might be a little intimidating." But Colton is forging on anyway because he says that having a family's blessing is important to him. Cue Tayshia's dad saying in another promo, "Colton, asking for the blessing? Ooh."
The episode was clearly being set up as a drama fest about a father who is hesitant about giving his blessing to someone who is still dating three other women in addition to his daughter. And that's exactly what happened... before Tayshia's dad finally gave in and said that Colton could have his blessing, but only because Tayshia was "glowing." But, honestly, the hesitation is a pretty normal feeling to have. And, it wouldn't be the first time a parent was hesitant about giving the Bachelor their blessing while still weeks away from the finale.
Andi Dorfman's father declined to grant his blessing to Juan Pablo Galavis on the basis that there were still other contestants in the running. Vanessa Grimaldi's dad also had a lot of questions about Nick Viall asking for his blessing. "I just can't give you my blessing, just like this," Vanessa's dad said. "You have three other women and you went to their homes. Did you ask their blessing also?"
And it's not just dads who have had issues with this stage of the competition. Catherine Giudici's mom refused to give Sean Lowe her blessing during hometowns too. Maybe Colton should consider pulling a Ben Higgins and waiting until he knows who he wants to marry and then calling their father during the finale?
Tayshia's dad also has a legitimate reason for being nervous about Colton's intentions. Tayshia told Colton during the previous episode that her last relationship ended badly and her father just doesn't want to see his daughter go through that again.
"My dad might be a little apprehensive and a little closed off, but it's just because he's very protective over me," Tayshia said. "I think the way that my last relationship ended was really hard on my family, especially my dad, and I think it's 'cause he knew how hurt I was and how much I went through." She added, "I'm trying to be in his shoes; it sucks as a dad to see your daughter go through some things like that and to know that you can't really protect her and try to like stop all the hurt."
So Tayshia's dad hesitating to give Colton his blessing doesn't make him overly intense or a "hard ass"; he's a regular dad who doesn't want to see his daughter get hurt and knows that there are more women in the picture right now. A blessing may be important to Colton, but he shouldn't be upset if he doesn't get one this early in the game. There is still so much left to unfold, and the parents are right to be cautious — their daughters still have a one in four chance of being heartbroken.
Also, maybe Colton (and all Bachelors) should wait until those odds are a little more favorable before asking for blessings left and right.

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