Why The F Does The Oscars Set Look Like Donald's Trump Hair?

When production designer David Korins stares at the Academy Awards stage he created, he sees a paragon of "inclusion and humanity, femininity and beauty,” per an interview with the Los Angeles Times. But when other people look at the stage, topped with tan-hued swirls, they see Donald Trump's hair.
Korins, who also designed the set of Hamilton, told the Los Angeles Times that the "shimmering, swirling symphony of sparkling blues and gold dotted with 1,250 Swarovski crystal strands painstakingly hung above the Dolby stage, weighing 1,600 pounds" was not intended to look like the president's combover — and yet, many viewers can't unsee the resemblance.
Since the telecast began at 8 p.m, audiences have been tweeting incessantly about the resemblance between the President Trump's distinct hairdo and the Oscars set. Most of the tweets are taking the form of questions. So, to all of you wondering whether the stage really does look like Trump's hair — you're not alone.
Proving the point most effectively, @nightlightguy replaced the top portion with Trump's hair – and frankly, it translates.
Other users are taking it a step further, and photoshopping President Trump's face below the stage.
Ironically, Korins developed the stage's concept as a response to certain dynamics unique to today's divided America. "I think we can all agree that the world is filled with TOO MANY straight lines & square thinking. For the #Oscars this year I have designed a world based on the idea of inclusion & warm welcoming shapes that stretch out & envelope not only the audience but everyone watching," Korins tweeted.
So, we will choose to see the stage through Korins' inclusive, idealistic lens.

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