You Need To Read These Wild Umbrella Academy Theories Right This Second

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Warning: Spoilers for Umbrella Academy season 1 are ahead. Whether you’re a fan of the comic books or not, there’s no denying that Netflix’s new superhero series The Umbrella Academy left plenty of questions unanswered at the end of its first season. But while some of you may be disappointed about the lack of closure the show provided, others have opted to take out their confusion and frustration by attempting to fill in some of the missing details themselves. And despite the fact that the series only just came out last week, there are already some pretty wild reddit theories about The Umbrella Academy floating around out there that are guaranteed to make you second guess everything you thought you knew and see the story in a whole new light.
From further looks into Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ many, many secrets to the tiniest detail that possibly foreshadowed everything to come in the finale, there’s plenty to dissect from these theories and will make you hope that the show ends up getting picked back up for a second season. (Because, honestly, it has to, right? Netflix wouldn’t leave us hanging like that!) Below are previews and links to some of the wildest theories out there. Give them a read and see if you agree with some of their deductions.
1. What Was Inside That Jar Of Light?
In the final episode of the season, a flashback was shown of Hargreeves saying goodbye to his dying wife while releasing a small jar full of what looked to be tiny lights or even fireflies into the air. So much else happened in the episode, it could be easy to forget about, but reddit user jasuschristsuperstar believes that the objects inside of the jar were actually connected to the powers all seven children ended up possessing. Fellow reddit user spicycornchip took that theory even further by suggesting that the little balls of light were actually the children themselves who had yet to be born. Consider my mind officially blown.
2. The Mystery Behind Ben’s Death
The circumstances surrounding Ben’s death remain a mystery even in the comics from which the series is based. However, based on the limited details revealed throughout Season 1, reddit user greens14 thinks that it has to directly do with Ben’s power and his ability to conjure horrifying creatures, which is what could’ve led to his own undoing and explain the quote that was written on his headstone: “May the darkness within you find peace in the light."
3. Ben Can Still Be Brought Back
Reddit user PandasOnGiraffes couldn’t help but find it odd that Klaus is supposed to be incapable of conjuring the dead while on drugs, and yet he was constantly able to see Ben. This theory goes deep into the idea that this could indicate that his dearly departed brother isn’t as dead as they all may think — or that his death is not necessarily permanent.
4. The Truth Behind Hargreeves’ Monocle
While Episode 10 seemed to confirm what comic book fans knew all along — that Hargreeves is from an alien planet — the importance of his monocle did not appear to be addressed. Sure, it was his signature look, but was it anything more than that? reddit user PandasOnGiraffes believes that it’s very possible the series will follow in the footsteps of the comic books with this particular storyline and make the monocle possess magical powers. In fact, it’s what would’ve allowed Hargreeves to track down and adopt Numbers 1-7 so easily in the first place.
5. Grace Knew How The World Was Going To End The Entire Time
In a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, Grace was shown cross-stitching something prior to Number 2 turning her off. Odds are you may not have even noticed what it was that she was working on, but reddit user mikejones84 shrewdly points out that the image she’s sewing looks like the moon explosion that took place during the finale (and if you hop over to reddit, the screen shot provided looks pretty convincing). Did she know what was to come the whole time? And if she did, does that mean Hargreeves and Pogo knew as well?
The mind reels at the possibilities all of these theories could mean, but one thing’s for dead certain: Season 2 can’t get here fast enough.

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