Grown-ish Asks: What's In An Ex?

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Just when you think Luca (Luka Sabbat) is the wrong choice for Zoey (Yara Shahidi), the dude swoops in with a mature, thoughtful reaction to the pair's unending relationship drama.
This week on Grown-ish's "Body Count" Zoey is pissed to discover that Luca has not warned her that his art show includes a semi-nude painting of his ex-girlfriend. This leads Zoey down an Instagram rabbit hole, where she unearths evidence of Luca's relationships past. (And one pic of an adorable pup named Xavier, may he rest in peace.)
Not content to let the past stay in the past, Zoey's investigation opens up a million insecurities about her current romance with Luca. Did he love his ex-girlfriend (whom he shares a tattoo with) more than he loves Zoey now? After all, their matching tattoos can't mean nothing, right?
It's an insecurity that many people face in new-ish relationships, especially when all the nitty gritty details of one's romantic past has yet to be disclosed. In college, it can be especially daunting: a high school romance typically starts with knowledge of the other's past, while in college, you can meet someone who lived an entire life you know little about.
Given that Zoey's relationship history only really started with the two boyfriends she met at Cal U (Cash being the other, whom Luca took issue with in a previous episode of Grown-ish), it makes sense that she's losing her mind over Luca's relationship ghosts.
Eventually, Luca comes around and tells Zoey that he's willing to give her all the dirt on his exes, if it will make her trust him. But ultimately, it's Zoey who makes the (perhaps smarter) decision to let these secrets stay buried.
Can Zoey and Luca make it to senior year? Maybe, if they continue to keep one another in check in this way.

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