Meet The Cast Of Isn't It Romantic

Natalie (Rebel Wilson), protagonist of the upcoming movie Isn't It Romantic, is raised on a diet of romantic comedies. As a kid, she loves the stories of boy meets girl, boy and girl banter wittily for an hour and a half, then boy and girl eventually realize their love for each other.
When she gets older, Natalie understands that life's no rom-com — until suddenly, it is. Natalie hits her head and awakens in an alternate universe that's straight out of a movie. Her apartment is sprawling; she has a "cool job;" she can eat all the gelato she wants. This sparkly new world is populated by characters — like the perfect love interest, her friend's perfect love interest, and her "gay best friend" — all cast sublimely for the parts.
Here's who plays who in Isn't It Romantic, also known as the Platonic Ideal of a Valentine's Day movie.

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