Who's Who In Alita: Battle Angel?

Photo: courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Alita, played by Rosa Salazar in Alita: Battle Angel, is not quite human. That much is obvious from her Disney princess-proportioned eyes, and her skin that hums with robotic activity. As Alita learns early in the movie, she's actually a cyborg engineered to be a weapon of unprecedented proportions.
Alita — who has the emotions of a person but the capabilities of something far more than human — is set apart from the rest of the movie's characters. Fittingly, she's rendered in CGI in Alita: Battle Angel, whereas the other characters appear to be human. Salazar is joined by a cast of A-listers and up-and-comers, none of whom get the full CGI treatment. Frankly, that's a bummer: We would've loved to have seen an uncanny valley Christoph Waltz.
Catch Alita: Battle Angel in theaters on February 14 for an unconventional Valentine's Day pick.

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