Tulip Fever Trailer Is Reportedly Too Risqué For TV

Photo: Courtesy Of The Weinstein Company.
A new trailer for Tulip Fever has dropped, and apparently it's way too sexy for TV. Page Six reports that it's been banned by Fox and will not air on that channel. Apparently, the trailer for the R-rated film features a "love scene" and Fox can't deal. Given the skittishness of the MPAA to give R-ratings to movies that depict sexual pleasure, specifically of the female variety, (opting instead for an X-rating), the scene in question is most likely something laughably tame.
Tulip Fever is a period drama adaptation of the book of the same name, written by Deborah Moggach and published in 2007. It stars Alicia Vikander as a married young woman who begins an affair with a painter, who falls in love with her when she sits for his portrait. Vikander's husband is played by Oscar-winning Christoph Waltz, who you may remember as the deeply terrifying Col. Hans Landa in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. The phenomenally talented cast also includes Judi Dench and Cara Delevigne. And a period piece wouldn't be complete without stunning costumes: the trailer leaves us with chills over the long gothic gowns and beautiful neck ruffs that were popular in the 1600s.
Tulip Fever has endured numerous setbacks. The film originally was originally set for release in 2016, but its release was pushed back twice for unknown reasons. Tulip Fever will finally be released on August 25 in the United States.
We reached out to representatives of Tulip Fever and did not receive a comment. While the NSFW trailer in question has not yet been released, you can watch the official (safe for work) trailer below. Get ready to swoon.

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