Offred Has A New Role In Gilead But Will It Keep Her Safe?

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
When we left Offred (Elisabeth Moss) at the end of season 2 of The Handmaid’s Tale, she chose to stay behind in Gilead to watch after her daughter Hannah (Jordana Blake), giving her newborn baby up to live a life outside the country.
With the resistance fighting against the totalitarian regime, it’s (hopefully) only a matter of time before the religious zealots fall. Now, we know how Offred may be biding her time — and that’s with a new job within Gilead’s walls.
Per The Hollywood Reporter, a short teaser for the upcoming trailer of The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 shows Offred — or is it back to June, Offred’s name before the people of Gilead stripped it from her — in a new style of dress. Gone is her blood-red Handmaid’s uniform, complete with “wings” to hide her face. Now, Offred wears the pale green clothing of the Marthas.
The short scene does not tell us much and the trailer will be shown in full during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but the short clip does reveal some clues. For one, there are no Handmaids present in the scene, only Marthas and guards of Gilead. The women are all seemingly being ushered somewhere, but where is a mystery.
Is it possible that the network of Marthas who helped get Handmaids and their children out of the country truly helped everyone, save for June, escape? If that's the case, it's worth wondering what Gilead will do to the Marthas who betrayed their ranks...or to June, who stayed behind. Without June's baby keeping her tethered to the Waterfords, she may be in more danger than ever.
Check out the teaser below.

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