Grown-ish Season 2, Episode 6: Are Zoey & Luca A Power Couple?

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When it comes to power couples, Michelle and Barack Obama reign supreme. It was the former's presence on season 2's grown-ish that made Zoey (Yara Shahidi) wonder if she and design "genius" boyfriend Luca (Luka Sabbat) could every truly achieve such status.
In "Love Galore," Luca informs Zoey that the one-time FLOTUS is making a pit stop at Cal U's design lab to check out some potential fashion superstars. (Fun fact: While Obama does not show up for a guest role in this episode, she did help Shahidi get into Harvard University by writing her a letter of recommendation.)
Zoey, of course, has just dropped the design lab she once shared with Luca, having realized that crafting clothes is simply not her passion.
Once Zoey ditching design, her and Luca's relationship blossomed — which makes sense, considering that Zoey is no longer actively competing with her boo. But Obama's presence changes things. As Luca works hard designing something to impress the woman who built up fashion stars like Jason Wu, Zoey grows jealous. She fears that she won't be seen as remarkable in the eyes of M.O., or anyone, now that she's abandoned her design dreams.
As for Luca, the pressure to live up to his own genius causes him to snap at Zoey. ("Steam right to left. Like Arabic," he commands his girlfriend, who is trying really hard to make her supportive GF side shine.) When Zoey compares Luca's work to Alexander McQueen, he suggests she thinks he's "derivative."
It goes without saying that Luca isn't the most, umm, empathetic of Zoey's friends. "You two would have the most self-absorbed baby," gushes Ana (Francia Rasa). Still, as eyeroll-worthy as artist Luca's annoying behavior is, it does lead to an emotional breakthrough of sorts between him and his girlfriend.
When Zoey goes to the design lab and finds Luca defeated over feeling unable to live up to his design potential, it's the first time we've seen him actually vulnerable. A pep talk from Zoey helps get him back on his feet — she even styles the outfit to help him out.
Yes, it's a sweet move on Zoey's part — but what makes me think that Luca and Zoey's relationship could actually last is what happens next. When Zoey returns to the design lab post-Obama's visit, she learns that Luca gave her credit for the styling, and even had the First Lady sign her sneaker, congratulating her on an awesome job. Aww!
I may not be a Zoey/Luca shipper (I was very unhappy that she didn't choose Aaron in the season 1 finale), but this move proves that these two have more than a love of fashion and ultra-cool aesthetic between them. They support one another's dreams and have the other's back, even when they're fighting. Could they be a long-lasting power couple of Cal U? Only time will tell, but I'm more confident about that prediction now than ever.

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