Here's Every Haunting Track From The You Season 1 Soundtrack

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What does a bookstore clerk keep on shuffle? Or more accurately, what does a bookstore clerk by day, serial killer and stalker by night, keep on shuffle when he’s not busy killing and stalking people? The answer may surprise you, as the songs on the You season 1 soundtrack include a lot of indie rock, a few techno songs, and a haunting score that makes you feel like someone is watching. Think songs that make you want to dance, and also songs that make you want to draw your curtains closed and keep them that way.
With You now streaming on Netflix, you can misguidedly fall for Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) all over again. And as you know, all twisted love stories need a killer soundtrack (pun intended), and You’s is one you’re going to want on repeat… just please don’t do anything Joe would do while listening to it.
The score for You was composed by Blake Neely, who’s also composed music for the likes of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Riverdale. And while you can’t get your hands on those hella foreboding instrumental tunes just yet, we’ve rounded up the rest of the soundtrack for You. Click through to listen to the songs from the series, but be prepared for spoilers from Season 1.
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Episode 1: The Fleetwoods, “We Belong Together”

It’s maybe a little too easy for Joe to learn (and stalk) Beck’s every move, as he follows her throughout her day, going from home, to work, to school.
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Episode 1: Nelson Can, “Break Down Your Walls”

This song plays in the background when Beck meets up with some of her friends to celebrate one of their birthdays. Joe has followed her there, and watches the group from a spot at the bar.
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Episode 1: Rob Simonsen, “Night Drive”

After an unsatisfying hook-up with her on-and-off again fling, Benji, Beck takes matters into her own hands, er, pillow. Joe imagines himself with Beck, until he is interrupted by a neighbor across the street.
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Episode 2: Lightspeed Champion, “He's The Great Imposter”

Joe wakes up elated that he’s managed to secure an actual date with Beck and dances around his apartment to this song. He then goes about his pre-date rituals, which is really just stalking her again.
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Episode 2: The Rosebuds, “Give Me a Reason”

Joe gets ready for his date with Beck while Beck texts her friends. Beck’s worried about Benji who has gone completely MIA (and that’s because Joe has him trapped in the bookstore basement).
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Episode 2: Mating Ritual, “Game”

After Beck’s meeting with her professor goes horribly wrong, she calls Joe and they meet at a bar. Beck wonders aloud if she’s a magnet for dudes with serious issues, and oh no.
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Episode 2: Harrison Brome, “Fill Your Brains (Love Thy Brother Remix)”

Joe and Beck walk into Peach’s party to this song. Peach is throwing a party to celebrate her parent’s divorce.
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Episode 2: Anoraak, “Figure”

Peach catches Joe upstairs looking at her books. This is also when Joe takes Peach’s Wizard of Oz book, Ozma of Oz.
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Episode 3: Alvvays, “Your Type”

At the bar, Beck complains to her her friends about Blythe, one of the girls in her literature critique. Then Beck tells her friends about her latest Tinder hookup — which startles Joe, since he was completely unaware she was doing that.
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Episode 3: Leisure, “Got It Bad”

This song plays as Joe arrives (in almost slow motion) to pick up Beck in Mr. Mooney’s car.
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Episode 3: Nick Waterhouse, “Straight Love Affair”

At the furniture store, Joe and Beck start making out behind the displays, before Beck abruptly cuts it off.
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Episode 3: Fishbach, “Mortel”

Joe and Beck finally have sex! Sort of! Joe finishes a little too early as this song scratches to a halt, just like their hookup.
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Episode 4: Vera, “Falling (feat. Okay Kaya)”

Beck, alone in a hotel room, passes the time before The Captain (aka, her dad) shows up.
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Episode 4: Bell Biv DaFoe, “I'm An Animal”

Joe and Beck have sex for real this time.
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Episode 4: Savoir Adore, “Heaven”

Beck excitedly texts all her friends about having sex with Joe. Meanwhile, Joe puts the Wizard of Oz book back in Peach’s place.
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Episode 5: The Tads, “She Is My Dream”

Beck wakes up in Joe’s apartment and this is the start of their actual relationship. We see their time together play out like a montage, repeating day after day, always involving sex and avocado toast.
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Episode 5: Orlando Roberton, “Always Be Together”

After blowing Peach off, Beck gets ready for a date with Joe. And then Peach has other ideas and ruins their date.
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Episode 5: Le Youth and Ava Max, “Clap Your Hands”

In hopes of winning Beck for herself, Peach throws Beck a lavish book party with this song playing in the background.
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Episode 5: Zola Jesus, “Remains”

Joe, deciding that Peach must be dealt with, follows her as she’s running through the park.
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Episode 5: Robot Koch, “Nitesky (feat. John LaMonica)”

Beck comes to Joe’s place after fighting with Peach.
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Episode 5: Rose of the West, “Hunter's Will”

If you’re wondering what song Peach was listening to when Joe attacked her in the park, this is the song. It’s also eerie, as the song title and lyrics talk about stalking and hunting — which is exactly what Joe’s doing.
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Episode 6: Patience & Prudence, “Tonight You Belong to Me”

Joe, trying to drive to Peach’s house outside the city, wakes up the next morning after his car crashed. This is also the first time he imagines his ex, Candace
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Episode 6: Rituals of Mine, “Ride or Die (Sin Fang Rework)”

Peach throws a tiny party for Beck. She also suggests the two of the move to Paris, and has invited the old friend, Raj, to the house.
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Episode 7: Ben Phipps, “Don't Look Back (feat. Ashe)”

After learning about Beck’s less-than-impressive first kiss, Joe recreates the scene for her, complete with a tent and stars.
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Episode 7: Hamilton Leithauser, “Heartstruck (Wild Hunger) [feat. Angel Olsen]”

Beck has started working at the bookstore, and she places arrows all around the place for Joe to find. The arrows lead Joe to Beck in the basement, where she’s got dinner for them.
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Episode 7: Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, "The Cypher"

Beck’s surprise birthday party at the bookstore is in full swing... without Beck.
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Episode 8: Scandal, “Goodbye to You”

Fast forward three months, and Joe and Beck have called it off. We see Joe settling into a new life with Karen.
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Episode 8: Powers, “Heavy”

After Blythe disconnects all of Beck’s social accounts, she tries to pass the time in her apartment without them. She listens to this song first on her headphones, but as she grows restless, the music swells as we see her puttering about.
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Episode 8: Foreign Air, “Lying”

With Claudia (Joe’s next door neighbor) in the bookstore basement detoxing, Ron (Claudia’s abusive boyfriend) comes to question Joe about her whereabouts. This song plays as Ron leaves the bookstore, suspicious of everything.
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Episode 8: Ben Alessi, “Lose It”

Joe and Beck have sex, and swear they’re never going to do it again since they’ve both moved on. Then they do it a lot of times, as a montage of them having sex plays to this song.
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Episode 8: Kopps, “Hott (feat. Joywave)”

Joe and Karen see Beck at a party... and Joe leaves Karen and Beck alone to talk about him.
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Episode 8: VHS Collection, “The Black”

Joe has an epic rom-com moment, and runs to Beck’s apartment to win her back. He throws a rock through her window, shattering the glass, and then they make out on her front steps.
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Episode 8: Shura, “Make It Up”

Joe cleans up the glass from the shattered window and then he and Beck cuddle together.
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Episode 9: Quilt, “Roller”

Beck wakes up in Joe’s apartment, after spending the night together. She’s finally told him “I love you” and texts her friends this.
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Episode 10: The National, “I Need My Girl”

Four months later, Joe narrates what happened to Beck and how he’s doing now.

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