15 Near-Perfect Shows With 100% Rotten Tomatoes Scores

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Are you overwhelmed by the number of shows on Netflix? Do you spend most of your TV time trying to decide what to watch next? Having too many good TV shows to choose from isn't a bad problem to have, but it's an inevitable one in 2018. Luckily, sites like Rotten Tomatoes are here to the rescue, curating the best (and worst) critical and user reviews to help you sift through the multiplying catalogue of shows. After scouring the site, we've picked out a prime selection of the near-perfect shows on Rotten Tomatoes; those with the coveted 100% score.
A perfect rating is hard enough for movies, but even more so with TV shows. Episodes, series, and seasons are even ranked individually. Because of this system, most shows with 100% overall have only one or two seasons, but some of the best shows have way more season to offer than just one or two. To avoid this, we picked the shows which had one or more seasons with perfect scores — and included which seasons they are, in case you’d rather skip right ahead. The overall scores are based on the percentage of positive professional reviews.
Rotten Tomatoes users and critics seem to favor comedy — especially dark humor. There are plenty of popular comedy picks, including Master of None and The Good Place. Still, the top shows have an impressive range. From crime dramas to rom-coms to cartoons, there’s something for everyone. The following 15 shows are guaranteed to be "fresh" — so take your pick!

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