Your Thanksgiving Horoscope Is Here

Illustrated by Vero Romero.
If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with your family this year, you might be wondering what kind of mood your nearest and dearest will be in come Turkey Day. Fear not, stargazers — the cosmos could be working in your favor this year.
The sun will move into Sagittarius on Thursday, putting your friends and family in a cheerful mood. You'll actually thrill at the thought of catching up with your kid cousins. But communication might not come as easily as we'd like. Thanks to Mercury’s retrograde, it may be difficult for us to share our ideas clearly. Don’t give up hope! Friday and Saturday’s full moon in Gemini will help clear up miscommunications and keep the vibe light. Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions, makes his way into emotional Pisces on Saturday.
Save your deepest, most profound conversations for Sunday, when the moon enters Cancer. You’ll be more in tune with your emotions once the Thanksgiving activities wind down.