Uranus Might Get In Your Head This Week — Here's How To Prepare

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For such a distant planet, Uranus sure has given us earthlings plenty to talk about this year. Back in May, the planet of revolution and change moved into Taurus after spending about seven years in the previous sign on the Wheel of the Zodiac, Aries. As astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst told Refinery29 at the time, this shift kicked off a period of gradual change in the spheres of life that Taurus rules. Namely, Dewhirst predicted that the next eight years would see an uptick in innovative payment solutions, progressive ideas around agriculture and food, and even radical developments in beauty and fashion.
Uranus won't move on from Taurus until 2025, but due to its current retrograde, it'll actually slide back into Aries for a brief visit starting tomorrow, November 6, until early March 2019. We spoke with Dewhirst again to find out if this means we're in for a period of astrological whiplash or if this movement will, literally and figuratively, go right over our heads.
As Dewhirst suggested when discussing its movement into Taurus, Uranus can enact immense changes on a global scale, but only with enough time to do so, but on a personal level they might go unnoticed. The four months that this planet will spend in Aries might not even be a blip on your radar.
Technically speaking, Uranus will move back into Aries by a few degrees, Dewhirst says. If you haven't spent much time looking at star charts, each Zodiac sign occupies 30 degrees and Uranus will scoot back to Aries' 28th or 29th degree. "It’s skimming Aries, just dipping its toe back in," Dewhirst says. "What this retrograde is offering is a glance back at what was going on just before [Uranus moved into Taurus]."
So, Dewhirst explains, this period of Uranus in Aries may feel slightly similar to what you were feeling last April or May. Given Aries' preoccupation with the self and individualization, and Uranus' command over advancements in technology and pushing forward, you might have been asserting your ideas, fighting from your corner, or establishing a radical solo project of your own at that time. Whatever you were up to, think back to last spring and any projects in which you and technology or cutting-edge ideas were front and center — Uranus' position in Aries may have had a hand in that endeavor.
But, she's quick to add, a select few will feel the effects of Uranus' latest move more intensely than the rest of us. If you were born in the final days of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn season, Uranus' transit may drum up tension, instability, and unexpected changes in your life, because this planet is creating a square aspect with your sun.
But, before you curse the day you were born, keep in mind that no planet, even volatile Uranus, is totally bad. Dewhirst explains that this planet can be the source of positive changes, as well as negative or unsettling ones. It's the planet of rebellion, after all — and what's wrong with a little rule-breaking now and then?

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