Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 8 Recap: "Blowin' In The Wind"

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It feels like season 15 of Grey's Anatomy just premiered yesterday, especially since not a lot of drama has gone down. But alas, the fall finale has arrived right as things have started to pick up, and now fans are left with a multitude of cliffhangers and "what if" thoughts. Fortunately though, viewers did get answers to a few key, burning questions, which should just about tide us over until the series returns in a few months.
The biggest revelation of the finale: that Teddy (Kim Raver) is pregnant. Yeah, I know. We've known since last season, but no longer is Owen (Kevin McKidd) in the dark. With Seattle's windstorm in full effect, Teddy felt that she couldn't just sit in her hotel room. Remember, she is a surgeon, and in the world of Grey Sloan it's always a beautiful day to save lives. So, she pops up in the emergency room and immediately runs into Owen and Amelia (Caterina S). These run-ins are getting to be downright painful, because you can see Teddy die a little inside every time she sees the two of them together.
Not too long afterwards, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) gives Teddy privileges, and she winds up operating on patient with a plastic candy cane lodged in his body with Owen and Jackson (Jesse Williams). Before the surgery, Teddy tells Owen that she has something important to tell him after they finish. This isn't the first time she's said something cryptic like this to him, but something about this time rubs Owen the wrong way, and he begins pestering her for an explanation during surgery. Talk about bad timing. Finally, Teddy just blurts it out in front of everyone in what will go down in history as the absolute worst revelation ever. Seriously. We spent weeks watching a tension-filled buildup only to watch it come out like word vomit. Although, seeing Owen at a loss for words and hearing Jackson's awkward congratulations made the moment priceless.
In true Owen fashion, he's all kinds of confused. At the very end of the episode, he confronts Teddy in an elevator right as she's going to surgery. As if things couldn't get any worse, Amelia pops up, too. Amelia has come to the conclusion that she wants to formally foster Betty, who's returned after days (weeks?) missing. But her happy news is quickly overshadowed by the tension between Owen and Teddy. And just as she asks what the heck is going on, the power goes out and the elevator gets stuck. Remember when I said things couldn't get any worse? I'd have to say that being stuck in an elevator with your ex-best friend/former lover/soon-to-be co-parent and your ex-wife/current lover/current co-parent just about takes the cake.
On the other side of the hospital, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is overwhelmed. First, she bails Richard (James Pickens Jr.) out of jail following last week's bar incident. Then, all Maggie (Kelly McCreary) wants to do is vent about Jackson. Now, mind you Meredith is still thinking about Catherine's cancer diagnosis and wondering how she's going to help treat her. This really isn't the time for other drama, which she makes very clear to Maggie when she tells her to get a grip. In other words, to prepare to be there for Jackson if she really loves him, because his world is about to be turned upside down. Mer spills the beans about Catherine (Debbie Allen)'s diagnosis, and of course, Maggie does the same to Jackson. So, apparently nobody believes in doctor-patient confidentiality anymore.
Too bad nobody thought to share the news about Catherine with Richard, who's on the verge of an even bigger downward spiral. He calls her phone, and once Koracick (Greg Germann) answers, he immediately feels a jolt of jealously. Look, I get it. He can't help it. He was a cheater. Ellis Grey was a cheater. His first wife cheated on him. He seems to think everyone does it. I just wish he took a second to breathe, not jump to conclusions, or I don't know, maybe ask Koracick to put his wife on the phone. Anything but immediately freak out. Luckily, he finds solace in Miranda, who's dealing with some marital issues of her own.
A lot of drama is packed into the finale, but there was one bright spot. Nico (Alex Landi) and Levi (Jake Borelli) — aka Glasses — finally got together. For most of the episode, Glasses, obviously still hurt by Nico's rejection last week, was snippy in his comments. But after Nico exits the clinic (a total no-no during a storm) and literally gets the wind knocked out of him, Glasses comes to his aid. With the wind so strong, they're forced to take shelter in an ambulance where they have a heart-to-heart. Nico doesn't want to deal with the drama and shame that comes with Levi "coming out of the closet." Levi stands up for himself and reveals that he had always known he was attracted to men, but it wasn't until Nico kissed him a few days (weeks? I'm never sure in the world of Grey's) that everything just felt right. And how does Nico respond? The best way possible, of course, and the two kiss. Finally, someone besides Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers), who spent this episode on their second honeymoon (i.e. at home thanks to the windstorm) are feeling the love this season.
Meredith's love life is also heating up. After her matchmaking patient gives her yet another pep talk about living life to the fullest, Meredith accept Link's (Chris Carmack) offer to get drinks. But wait. DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) sees this and decides to throw his name in the dating ring, too. This despite the fact that Mer is his superior, and that he dated her sister. He makes it clear that he doesn't regret kissing Mer at Alex's wedding and basically says he wants to do it again, and again. Meredith said that she'd consider DeLuca's offer and exited the room, though, it wasn't long before they ended up in the elevator together. And, like Teddy/Owen/Amelia's it stopped, too.
So, here's everything we need clarity on when the show returns:
– Are Owen and Teddy going to tell Amelia about the baby while they're in the elevator? How is Teddy going to react? Is this the end of Amelia and Owen, or are they about to become the new Callie-Mark-Arizona co-parents?
– Will Schmico (I just love this ship name!) survive now that the windstorm is over? I only ask because Levi is incredibly anxious all the time, especially when Nico is around, which may start to affect work in a negative way.
– What's going on with Catherine? Will she be saved? Is she going to tell Richard? Even more important, is she going to kill Maggie for telling Jackson before she got a chance to?
– Will Miranda and Ben (Jason George) survive everything they're going through? I know being married to a firefighter has to be tough, but they're one of the few couples on the show still together. I don't know if viewers can take anymore breakups or deaths, though the latter is inevitable with a show like this.

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