No, This Isn’t Henry Cavill’s Halloween Costume…

Photo: James Devaney/Getty Images.
Henry Cavill is getting witchy this October 31, but it's not for Halloween. The actor, most known for his mustache and being totally ignored in Times Square while dressed as Superman, is one of the star of Netflix's new sci-fi series, The Witcher. And his look for the costume is absolutely wild, and a true Halloween treat.
Netflix shared the first teaser for the mysterious new fantasy series on Twitter. In the clip, Cavill is dressed in his full Geralt-lewk, which is basically a combination of Lord of the Ring's Legolas and Emma Stone in that one episode of Maniac. Which is to say, Netflix is really good at timing, since most of the Internet thought the image of Cavill, unrecognizable in a full grey wig and colored contacts, had to be a Halloween get-up. In the clip, Cavill also pulls out a flask and takes a long chug — a cheeky move that means "I'm not like regular sci-fi guys, I'm a cool sci-fi guy."
The series, out next year, is an epic tale of fate and family, and will span 8 episodes. Cavill's character is at the center of the series as a monster who just wants to be left alone as he tries to navigate a world where the people are meaner than the monsters. Like Shrek (sorry, the comparison just works), fate leads him to a princess with a dangerous secret, and there's also someone who casts spells. Spooky! Shrek-y!
The show is based on a series of fantasy novels by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski (THR writes that Cavill is a big fan), and will be adapted by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who also worked on Netflix's Daredevil and the upcoming Ellen Page-led superhero series, Umbrella Academy.
This show could be Netflix's big Game of Thrones play. The streaming service hasn't found it's runaway fantasy hit just yet, and Cavill, in his beautiful flowing wig, could take them there.

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