Meghan Markle Had A "Let Them Eat Cake" Moment — Literally

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.
Meghan Markle is currently in New Zealand with her hubby Prince Harry as part of a 16-day royal tour, and she seems to be living it up, enjoying two of her favorite activities: talking feminism and sharing baked goods. That's right, the morning after delivering her most political speech since becoming a member of the royal family at the 125th anniversary of women suffrage in New Zealand, the Duchess of Sussex handed out cake to school children in Wellington.
According to the royal family's official website, Prince Harry and Meghan spent yesterday morning visiting Maranui Cafe, one of Wellington's most well-known eateries. While there, the couple talked with "young people from a number of mental health projects operating in New Zealand offering support to other young people." When Meghan and Harry left Maranui, they were met outside by a number of children waiting for a chance to spot to royals. That's when the Duchess had her spontaneous "let them eat cake" moment.
Meghan Markle went back inside the cafe and asked if the cake leftover from their royal visit could be given to the children, the Daily Mail reports. The cafe owners obliged and the cute kids enjoyed cake while hanging out with royalty. Sounds like a dream afternoon, no?
Unsurprisingly, given her generosity and well-documented love of food, this isn't the first instance during the current royal tour that Meghan Markle has shared baked goods. While in New South Wales, Australia two weeks ago, she made a loaf of banana bread from scratch and brought it to tea with a family after visiting their farm.
Markle asking if the cafe would let the kids eat cake is a sweet display of her selflessness and connection to those who idolize her, which funnily enough, is nearly the exact opposite of what the saying "let them eat cake" has come to mean. Perhaps this is further proof that Markle is a progressive royal whose perfectly suited for modern times.

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