Who Is Constance's Creepy Eyeless Daughter On AHS?

Photo: Ray Mickshaw/FX Network/Everett Collection.
Last night, American Horror Story answered a question that fans have been asking since 2013. Who is Constance Langdon's (Jessica Lange) fourth child? During the cult series' first season, Murder House, Constance makes a passing reference to her fourth child in the episode "Home Invasion." However, up until last night, we had only met three: Tate (Evan Peters), Adelaide (Jamie Brewer), and Beauregard (Sam Kinsey). During Constance's final moments on the episode, which was the long-awaited crossover between Apocalypse, Coven, and Murder House, Constance, who is a ghost, left with a brand-new child who's never appeared on the show before: Rose (Raina Matheson).
The most notable thing about Rose is the fact that both of her eyes have been gouged out, which was possibly her cause of death. (She's also a ghost!) In fact, everything that could be said about Rose comes with a big ole' "possibly" because she might just be the most mysterious character in the franchise.
But here's what we do know: Constance's reunion with Rose finally brings Constance peace. After Constance killed herself with pills and alcohol, she was finally reunited with three of her four children, which is fitting, since she always believed her role was to be a mother — even in death.
Will we ever learn more about Rose and her mysterious eyeless condition? Maybe. It took us this many seasons to even find out she existed, so we know Ryan Murphy enjoys a slow burn. Let's just hope this one takes a little less than five years.

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