A Venom Feud Is Born

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures.
A Star is Born and Venom are both coming out this weekend, which means one thing: They will have to fight to the death! Not really. But, fans of Lady Gaga, who stars in A Star is Born, have been targeting Venom on Twitter as a way to discourage moviegoers from seeing Venom. They are effectively sabotaging a whole movie via social media.
Buzzfeed News reported this morning that Gaga fans are apparently organizing against Tom Hardy-starrer Venom by tweeting vicious fake reviews of the movie.
"It's us Gaga fans creating fake ids to trash Venom premiere," one fan told the outlet. "They both are getting released on the same day so we want more audience for A Star Is Born."
Fans of Venom — AKA Marvel fans, or the greater Marvel 'verse — noticed that tweets directed at the movie started to look similar. A number of the "negative" Venom reviews are the exact same tweets posted from different accounts.
So, if you get your reviews from Twitter, er, check elsewhere this week. A Star Is Born and Venom are uniquely suited for a movie feud. Star is Born stars Lady Gaga in her first film role, which means the Gaga stans are chomping at the bit to get to opening night. Venom is part of the MCU, which places it in the eyesight of Marvel stans, who are also wont to chomp at the bit, per se.
In case you don't fall into either stan category, here's how you should determine which movie to see this weekend. Trust us — we're not a Gaga-operated bot!
If you like...singing:
Definitely go see A Star is Born. There is so much singing in this movie. Gaga, who is billed as Lady Gaga in the movie, will be wailing at the top of her range. Don't believe me? Listen to "Shallow," the first song released from the movie.
If you like...journalism:
See Venom! Hardy plays journalist Brock Turner who gets infected by an alien symbiote, a squirmy viscous mass with evil intentions.
If you like...comedians playing serious roles:
Well, this is a tough call. Star is Born features Dave Chappelle as Jackson Maine's best friend. (Maine is a very serious and growly Bradley Cooper.) Jenny Slate appears in Venom as a scientist. Go see both!
If you like...tongues:
Venom, for sure. Venom himself — the evil version of Brock — has a tongue that's curiously, fascinatingly long.
If you like...growly, grouchy, gruff men:
Oh, boy. You've got two prickly pears: Hardy, who's always mildly gruff, in Venom, and Cooper, who literally changed his voice for the movie, in A Star is Born.

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