The New Venom Trailer Teaches Us What That Tongue Does

Photo: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
Tom Hardy's Venom is the latest monster to become an internet paramour — he and his long, slippery tongue made the meme rounds in May when the first trailer for Venom dropped. In the second trailer, which was released today, Venom's tongue is out in full force: He gives a full-on wet willy to one poor unfortunate soul in this trailer. In general, this trailer is a lot more Venom-ful. Hardy's Eddie Brock-turned-Venom villain scales a raised subway track, defeats a S.W.A.T. team, destroys an office, and chats with a trembling man in a grocery store. He's a fully-formed superhero! Welcome to the world, Venom. Know that the internet is weirdly into you, just as it was into Thanos (Josh Brolin) and the fish man from The Shape of Water.
Watch the full second trailer for the film, below.

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