Santigold Reveals A Daunting Truth About Making Music While Pregnant

Pregnancy and new motherhood is hard. Add to that the pressure of finishing an album, and you have yourself the last year or so of Santi "Santigold" White's life.
Popping in for a chat with After After Party's Sonia Denis, the "innovator and creator" gave fans an added insight into what went into finishing her latest album, I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions.
The singer and songwriter was nine months pregnant with twins at the tail end of the album's recording sessions, "I had about four days left of work to do and it didn't get done until a year later," Santigold says.
"My stomach was a shelf," she jokes, recalling the last few days of work. Already parents to older son Radek, Santigold and husband Trevor Andrew welcomed twins Honor and Icho this past spring.
She also brought up a rarely discussed issue pregnant singers often have to deal with: The lack of diaphragm control impairs your breathing, making it that much harder to sing. (Cardi B addressed this when she canceled some tour dates late in her pregnancy, "Shorty keep growing and I be looking like I be moving and everything, but in reality, a bitch can barely breathe,” she confessed in an Instagram video.)
Another very real postpartum symptom? "Peeing on yourself afterwards...forever," Santigold quipped, laughing at Denis' shocked reaction.
All jokes aside, Santigold described just how hands on she is with every aspect of her music, "You can do all the art that you want to do across the board if you want to," she said. " I don't even call myself a musician really, I'm an artist because I like doing everything else just as much."
Watch the full interview below.

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