Will Jonah Hill & Emma Stone In Maniac Fill The Superbad-Shaped Hole In My Heart?

Photo Credit: Michele K. Short / Netflix.
Maniac is nigh, and Netflix has just released another teaser for the series. This new video heavily features Jonah Hill and Emma Stone as two star-crossed patients (and maybe lovers) of an experimental medical facility. Owen (Hill) is there because he is schizophrenic. Annie (Stone) is there because she is depressed, and has been for a very, very long time. Each are given drugs (I think) that take them on various journeys (literally? mentally? emotionally?) where they wind up meeting each other again, and again, and again, in various timelines and in various wigs.
The first teasers and trailers for the series were successfully cryptic, leaving viewers confused at what exactly is going on — and why is Justin Theroux wearing that wig? But now, the dust appears to be settling, and the trippy thriller is coming into focus: it's more Inception than Superbad...and I'm upset!
All I want is a limited comedy series with Stone and Hill and this isn't it. I see far too few jokes, too few embarrassing moments, and absolutely zero mention of Goldschläger. Still, Cary Fukunaga's version of Hill and Stone's relationship is more serious and nuanced than a Judd Apatow stoner-com, and there's no denying the chemistry between these two still steals every scene. The intensity of these two leading roles aren't anything new for the Oscar-winning actress, and Golden Globe-nominated actor, but it's still a bit strange seeing them together under such serious circumstances. But I guess I'm ready to sub in my laughs for gasps to watch the series if it means finally figuring what the hell it's about.
Check out the teaser, "Connection," below:

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