10 Treatments To Turn To When Your Hair Is Totally Fried

We're saying goodbye to the days of frozen drinks and tanning by the pool. As fun as those things were, we're now left to suffer the consequences of summer fun, and we're not just talking about the hit on our wallets (as disappointing as our bank accounts look right now). The damage from the warmer months is also visible on our hair.
"All of the summer elements, from pool water to salt water and the sun’s damaging rays, suck the moisture out of hair, leaving you with dry and brittle locks," says celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena. "In addition, once the humidity is gone, hair loses body. You’re also wearing your hair down more often in fall, forgoing the ponytails and buns you need to survive the summer’s heat. So any damage to the ends of your hair will be more visible."
But there is a solution. We've rounded up the hair masks that will revive your strands and give your hair a fresh start to the new season. Ahead, 10 hair rescuers for all concerns, textures, and budgets.
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It's hard to protect colored hair from fading and dryness when swimming is a regular activity. And by fall, highlights can look brassy or yellow. With this revival mask, which comes in many shades for different hair colors, you can neutralize your color. Apply after washing your hair, leave on for up to 30 minutes (depending on how intense you want the color to be), and rinse. The effects will fade in about five shampoos, so you buy some time before your next colorist appointment.
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"This mask is smoothing, moisturizing, and gives you everything that your hair is lacking over the summer," says Mena. "I also recommend getting a clear glaze before fall begins to add shine back into hair and a haircut to remove dry split ends."
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Not to be mistaken for a carton of milk with its recyclable, look-alike packaging, this mask has moisturizing ingredients like organic macadamia and coconut oils to nourish dry, frizzy hair. You can leave it on for a few minutes or sleep in it, but all-in-all, the reviews say that you'll have softer hair after just one use.
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“It's imporant to repair your hair from summer damage by giving it nutrients. Use a hair mask once a week to restore the hair and bring it back to life," says Millie Morales, celebrity hairstylist and Garnier Fructis brand ambassador. "This 1-minute mask can be used as a conditioner or leave-in treatment to control frizz and protect color.”
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If you want DIY mask effectiveness but don't want to actually DIY, this mask was made for you. It has two key ingredients: chia seed and argan oil. Together they provide a more intense conditioning (a.k.a. stronger hair).
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Sometimes we want to deep condition, but don't have the patience to wait 10-20 minutes to get sufficient results. That's where this treatment comes in. You just have to layer on for three minutes, rinse, and then you're off to run errands or simply nap... but with healthier hair.
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If you haven't heard, charcoal has great benefits in skin care. But did you know that it's effective for the hair as well? If you're feeling like your hair is oily post-summer, apply this activated charcoal mask for five minutes and let it balance out the oils on your strands.
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Treat yourself to a full-on spa experience with this fragranced mask that smells like rose petals and red berries. Best part is that it costs less than an actual bouquet of flowers, coming in under $3.
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Sun exposure and chlorine can cause damage to your curls, leading to a head full of split ends. Undo the damage by trimming your hair and deep conditioning with a curl-focused product like this nourishing mask from DevaCurl.
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This innovative treatment is a sheet mask for your hair. The steam from the hot water activates the formula, giving you an excuse for a super-long shower.

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