Lana Condor May Be More Obsessed With Noah Centineo Than You Are

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Whether he knows it or not, Noah Centineo has a lot of significant others. After the release of Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before, he became pretty much everyone's internet boyfriend. However, there's only one person who actually ends up with his character, Peter Kavinsky, and that's Laura Jean Song Covey, who's played by Lana Condor. Condor, it turns out, may love Centineo more than we do. At least, she could not stop gushing about the actor when asked about his bae status by Entertainment Tonight.
"Just the thirst for Noah is just... It’s a desert out there and everyone’s so thirsty for him, and I love it," she told the outlet. “I’m not surprised. The moment I met him, I was like, ‘Yup, that boy’s gonna be a star.’ We all knew as we were shooting the movie that he was just going to break literally 15 million hearts. So I’m not surprised at all. Of course, I want to protect him but I don’t really have anything to protect him against because it’s all love. People just genuinely, are thoroughly are in love with him."
Of course, her relationship with Centineo is a little different than ours considering the fact that they've actually, you know, met. But they've more than just met, they've bonded in a way not unlike their characters.
"It’s been great because I know both Noah and I feel the same way, in the fact that I’m so happy that Noah is on this journey with me and it’s Noah who I have as my partner through all of this because our chemistry is genuine," she said. In fact, their chemistry is so good, she found herself genuinely rooting for the couple when she watched the film.
"I watched the movie by myself, and I took myself out of it — I’m just watching it for Lara Jean and Peter — and I fell in love with Lara Jean and Peter as well. I was like, ‘Oh my god, their relationship is the best relationship ever!’ So I get it. I totally get the reaction, for sure."

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