There's Actually One More Sharp Objects Twist That Changes Everything

Photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sharp Objects the season 1 finale,“Milk.”
From the moment last night's shocking Sharp Objects finale ended, the internet was ablaze. There were multiple twists to unpack, questions still to answer, and other details that we see in a totally different light now that we have the full picture. Turns out, there's one more surprise still waiting for us in the "Behind The Scenes" segment that aired after the episode: Eliza Scanlen, who played Amma, is actually Australian.
We already knew Scanlen was talented, since Amma's mannerisms have been enthralling and disturbing long before we knew she was a murderer. Now consider the fact that during every line, every whisper, and every drugged-up slur, Scanlen was maintaining an accent that was totally foreign to her.
That's almost unbelievable, and Twitter was equally as impressed.
"#SharpObjects twist is INSANE: Amma is played by an AUSTRALIAN!"
"the actress playing amma on sharp objects is Australian ???? WILD"
"wow i did not expect amma to be australian wow"
"The actress who played Amma is Australian. Okay, she did a good American accent unlike her peers. There’s still hope for this new wave of Australian actors!"
"honestly the biggest twist of #SharpObjects was finding out eliza scanlen is british in the making-of bit after the episode. she did all that acting while maintaining the southern accent??? EMMY TIME."
Before Sharp Objects, Scanlen was best known for her work on Australia soap opera Home And Away, which was the launch pad for other Australia actresses like Isla Fisher. Up next, she'll be in Greta Gerwig's Little Women, so prepared to be duped once again.
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