All The Hints That Amma Was The Sharp Objects Killer

Photo: Anne Marie Fox/HBO.
Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sharp Objects.
It's official: Amma Crellin (Eliza Scanlen) is the Sharp Objects killer. While the miniseries suggested the true murderer was her mother Adora Preaker-Crelling (Patricia Clarkson) for a little while in finale “Milk,” the series swerved in the last few seconds with a massive twist. Although Adora definitely killed her second daughter Marian Crellin (Lulu Wilson), it was Amma who terrorized the tiny town of Wind Gap with the double murders of Ann Nash (Kaegan Baron) and Natalie Keene (Jessica Treska). But, don’t tell Mama, okay?
While Sharp Objects’ gruesome reveal may feel like a surprise for many viewers — especially ones who didn’t read the Gillian Flynn novel the HBO series is based on — the Amy Adams-starrer actually dropped clues throughout the entire season of Amma’s hidden vicious streak. In fact, if you go back through the series, there’s a hint in every single episode of Amma’s identity as Wind Gap’s latest child murderer.
Since you probably don’t have eight hours to spend scouring every frame of Sharp Objects for suggestions of Amma’s murderous behavior, we put them all together in one handy place. Keep reading to find out which clues you may have missed, and what they mean, all in a simple episode-by-episode guide. This is the kind of investigation that would make Camille Preaker (Adams) proud.
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