Ben & Jerry’s Is Testing Snackable Cookie Dough Chunks

There are two kinds of ice cream eaters: scavengers and everyone else. The scavengers pick out the chunks and pieces and leave the plain ice cream behind for someone else to vacuum up the next time the pint is opened. Ice cream eaters who fit into that category are usually especially selective when it comes to chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream because let's face it, the cookie dough is simply more exciting than the vanilla it's surrounded by.
With a new creation from Ben & Jerry's, those folks will no longer have to put in the work to root out the cookie dough pieces and leave behind half a pint-full of vanilla ice cream for the rest of us. The ice cream brand is now testing packaged Cookie Dough Chunks.
Yesterday, Ben & Jerry's announced that it is launching Cookie Dough Chunks in two different flavors, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Dough. According to the Ben & Jerry's press release, snackable chunks come in 1/2 pound bags that hold eight serving of the same dough it uses in its ice cream — you know, the same dough so many of you meticulously pick out. Just like when it's in Ben & Jerry's ice cream, the dough contains heat-treated flour and pasteurized eggs. They can be snacked on straight or thrown on top of any ice cream sundae.
Unfortunately, though, snackers outside of Vermont won't yet get to feast on the treats. For now, Ben & Jerry's is only testing the Cookie Dough Chunks at Scoop Shops in Vermont. However, a representative of the brand told Refinery29 in an email that if the products perform well during the test run, "B&J will look to expand the line to more Scoop Shops and potentially on e-commerce closer to the holidays." So there's still hope for all the cookie dough chunk collectors out there.

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