Climax Is Black Swan, But Better, & Scarier

Photo: Courtesy of A24 Films.
When in doubt, add demons! That's the A24 philosophy, at least recently. The distribution company debuted the trailer for French director Gaspar Noé's upcoming thriller Climax today, and the movie looks like a cross between Heredity (which came out this year) and Center Stage (which came out in 2000). Climax is about a group of dancers who gather for a three-day rehearsal in the middle of the woods. They drink some bloodred sangria and shimmy away life's demons. Until, well, the real demons emerge from the darkness. In the trailer, this means that the sangria — which may or may not contain psychedelic drugs — takes hold, and the proverbial dancing shit hits the fan. A girl's hair lights afire. A man douses himself in spaghetti. All in the name of dance! In the words of one dancer in the trailer, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."
Noé, an Arengtinian director, is best known to American audiences for Love (2015), a horror film about a threesome gone terribly wrong. Climax, his first project with millennial kryptonite factory A24, is already heavily anticipated. Noé claimed the Directors' Fortnight prize at Cannes for the movie in May and the film already has an 84% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Climax stars Sofia Boutella (The Mummy, Atomic Blonde) alongside Romain Guillermic, Sohelia Yacoub, and a host of talented dancers.
Watch the full trailer for Climax, below. It will arrive in theaters later this year.

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