Rachel Lindsay Says Bachelorette Producers Cut Her To Be An "Angry Black Female"

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While we all have our opinions on how the finale of The Bachelorette went down on Monday night, there are only a handful of women who know exactly what Becca Kufrin was going through. In her recap on Us Weekly, former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay empathized with Kufrin's struggle, especially her choice to pick the man the public wasn't necessarily on board with. However, watching the finale also stirred up some emotions for the lawyer, because while she and Kufrin were in similar positions, she felt ABC portrayed them extremely different ways.
Going into the finale, Lindsay said she was ready to defend Kufrin's choice, but then she realized she didn't have to. We got to see their love play out on screen — a courtesy Lindsay feels her relationship with finacé Bryan Abasolo was not given. It's no secret that Peter Kraus was the fan favorite on her season, mostly because we got to see so much of their happy times together, whereas screen time with Abasolo was limited.
"Do you ever recall seeing Bryan profess how excited he was to propose to me? Do you recall seeing me cry about how I was so excited to say yes to Bryan and get my fairytale ending? The answer would be 'no' to both of those questions," Lindsay wrote. "And it is a shame because both of those things actually happened. You just did not see them. See, you know more about the journey of my breakup than the journey to my proposal acceptance. I think it is fair to say that I was denied my on-camera happy ending."
To make things worse, Lindsay was then forced to watch her finale on stage the entire time, whereas Kufrin stayed backstage for most of the dramatic moments last night.
"Let’s just be honest, Becca did not have the finale that I had," Lindsay wrote. "There was no controversy and she was not put in a position to face any. She was protected and I was placed on display for three hours and labeled an angry black female. And there will always be that stigma attached to my finale because it has been said that when truth is blurred by misinformation, perception becomes reality and all is lost."
While what matters is that Lindsay and Abasolo found a happy and loving relationship, it will forever be plagued by public perception. Refinery29 has reached out to ABC for comment.

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