Here's Every Secret Hiding In The Westworld Finale Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
As the Westworld credits turned into the Westworld trailer for the season 2 finale this past Sunday, I announced to my best friend, “I need to watch this very slowly, because they’re going to try to trick me.” In this situation, “they” includes co-creators Lisa Joy and husband Jonathan Nolan, whichever editor was forced to listen to “discordant sound effects” throughout the entire editing process, and the HBO executive who approved this baffling, heart-racing teaser.
And, attempt to trick me they did. In fact, the crescendo of the promo for “The Passenger” is so slick, certain scenes only register if you pause the video at precisely the correct millisecond (believe me, I learned this the hard way).
But, like anything with Westworld, the hidden, nearly impossible to reach details are also the most rewarding. The upcoming season-ender’s trailer is filled with the kind of exciting, unsettling secrets that just might make the last 10 weeks of obscure, alienating television worth it. There are unexpected character returns, the suggestion one human was a host all along (or a human-host hybrid), and even a possible tear in reality.
Since no one expects you to spend your valuable time trying to screen shot every single frame of the 70-second-long “The Passenger” trailer, here is a helpful gallery of the video’s most surprising reveals. Click through to learn who’s coming back and, seriously, what the hell is in The Forge, which is now the latest nickname for the Valley Beyond everyone has been talking about since the season 2 premiere.
To quote one character with a surprise appearance, “Don’t you want to see what I see?”
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