Why Did Westworld Cut Out Its One Good Queer Moment?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Back in April, Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood teased something that had fans of the HBO show excited: a queer moment for Dolores. Wood herself came out as bisexual in 2011, and told IndieWire that the second season promised some satisfying moments in that department.
"I was not disappointed," she told the outlet. "That’s all I can say. We’ll give you something. As a queer person, I’m like, 'More.' We will not leave you high and dry. That’s what I’m going to say."
However, when a fan reminded her of this on Twitter following the most recent episode, Wood revealed that the moment had been cut.
"you said in interview that you as queer woman had a moment on westworld where you were like yes more and fans will not be dissapointed and since it pride month hint when this moment will happen or emoji of character, pleeeeaaaaaaseeeee," a viewer asked.
"Unfortunately, this moment was cut," the actress replied, adding a sad face emoji.
This caused some fans to lament that homophobia was the root of the omission, but Wood assured them that's not the cast.
"We cut things all the time for time or to move the story along. I will keep campaigning for it tho guys!" she promised. "I’m not giving up!"
We don't know when this moment was supposed to have happened, or who it involves, but some are speculating that it may have occurred during Dolores' and Charlotte's (Tessa Thompson) confrontation in Sunday night's episode, or perhaps Angela (Talulah Riley) and Clementine (Angela Sarafyan).
While this moment did not air, Westworld has touched on sexuality in the past. Co-creator Lisa Joy confirmed that Logan (Ben Barnes) is bisexual in her Reddit AMA last month — although he went on to die of an overdose which is, err, not great.
Basically, Westworld is long overdue for some LGBT representation, but if Wood says she's fighting for it, then I have high hopes.

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