Trader Joe's Newest Product Could Become Your Favorite Frozen Treat This Summer

We're only just beginning to get hit with hot weather and so far, all those rays and heat waves feel glorious. However, in just a few weeks, once we've sweat through all our best blouses and get an inevitable sunburn, we'll desperately being searching for new ways to cool down. In addition to all the classic treats that regularly inhabit Trader Joe's freezer aisle, there's a new snack for those of us who are overheated and over summer. It's called Gone Berry Crazy, and it's frozen strawberry pieces covered in dark chocolate.
Loyal Trader Joe's customers may recognize that the Gone Berry Crazy is a variation on a concept from another of the chain's frozen desserts. In fact the inspiration for the new chocolate-covered frozen strawberry product actually came from Gone Bananas: packaged chocolate-covered banana slices that just so happen to be one of the chain's best-selling frozen treats of all time.
Trader Joe's explains in the product description that Gone Berry Crazy is made by slicing strawberries in half, then dipping the halves in dark chocolate. The chocolate covered strawberry bites then get flash frozen. Since they're small, the cool treats can be enjoyed straight from the box, by popping them right into your mouth. TJ's also suggests using Gone Berry Crazy as an ice cream sundae topping. We plan on trying them in a milkshake or decadent smoothie or as part of a frozen fruit salad.
Like Gone Bananas, boxes of Gone Berry Crazy are available now in the Trader Joe's freezer aisle for $2.29 each. Looks like this sweet new frozen treat could be keeping us chill — in more ways than one — all summer long.

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