This 13 Reasons Why Couple Took Everyone By Surprise In Season 2

Photo: Netflix.
Warning: spoilers ahead for season 2 of 13 Reasons Why.
Since the end of season 1, there has been speculation of how the creators of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why were going to continue the story. Unlike the show, the novel was more focused on the relationship between Clay and Hannah.
There was no lawsuit in the novel, and readers didn't get to much about the other characters, besides the fact that Hannah knew them and they somehow influenced her decision to commit suicide.
The novel ends when Clay finishes the tapes and mails them the next person. He reaches out to a friend who is obviously in need, bringing the story full circle.
The creator of the show was obviously trying to set up a second season, especially when the character Alex kills himself and with the unsettling collection of guns Tyler has, both of which were never a part of the book. The first season had such a positive reception the changes weren't surprising.
One big plot twist was the when the character Zach testifies and we find out he had a whole summer sex-lationship with Hannah. The two lose their virginity to each other and Zach even goes to the Crestmont every day to watch movies and talk to Hannah.
It’s super romantic and sometimes utterly unbelievable. Twitter, of course, was a firestorm with reactions to this secret romance. Most people loved them together and believe the couple deserved better.
Some people pointed out Clay’s reaction to the pairing.
Others were a bit confused by this change of events.
What would their couple name be if Hannah was still alive? Zannah? Hach? (Too soon?)
Despite everything, this romance is being shipped by many and it seems to have been a good direction to take the story.

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