Let's Listen To The New Moon Today & Just Relax

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
This morning, at 7:47 a.m. EDT, the moon waned to the point that it reached its "new" phase, in which it appears invisible against the dark night sky. The new moon is always known for its soothing, introspective effects, but this month it's taking place in Taurus, the sign that loves comfort, security, and pleasure more than any other. So, there's a good chance that this astrological placement will make an already chill lunar phase even more laid-back.
But, before we can completely relax, the new moon in Taurus does want you to attend to some business, namely your finances. The sign of Bull tends to get preoccupied with material matters, while the new moon urges us to buckle down, make plans, and set goals for ourselves. When combined, these influences might nudge you to correct course on your credit score or finally create a grocery budget. Or, as Janelle Belgrave suggests in her weekly horoscope for Refinery29, this emphasis on how you define value and worth could spur you toward reassessing what really matters to you — literally and figuratively.
Money moves aside, this Taurean new moon is extra special because it's occurring in the final week of Taurus' solar season. The Bull vibes are extremely high right now, stargazers. Regardless of your own sign, you'll be well-served to lean into those vibes — and maybe even discover some of your own hidden Taurean tendencies along the way.
Given Taurus' grounded, sensual nature, that could mean spending tonight getting reacquainted with your body (and what makes it feel good). Or, as Bri Luna wrote in a blog post on her site, The Hoodwitch, you could just as easily honor Taurus' ruling element, earth, and get back to nature. Explore the nearest park, plant something new in your garden, or, at the very least, walk the long way home.
Of course, if you're booked solid for the rest of the day, don't stress. Just taking a few moments to acknowledge and reflect on the fact that the moon is currently in Taurus can make you feel a little more grounded. And, as May's warm weather and sense of spring fever really settles in, we could all stand to feel a little more down-to-earth right now.
The new moon may have officially arrived this morning, but you can still make the most of its Taurean vibes until it moves into Gemini (and starts to wane in earnest) tomorrow.

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