What You Need To Know About The Spiritual Tool Solange Brought To The Met Gala

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images.
Despite the veils, trains, halos, and many (many) crosses that graced the Met Gala's red carpet Monday night, one accessory in particular caught our eye — one that has little to do with Catholicism. Solange attended "fashion's biggest night out" with a bottle of Florida Water in tow.
Named for the location of the fabled fountain of youth, Florida Water was created over 200 years ago and originally intended as a simple cologne. Its ingredients include floral oils, spice oils, and citrus. And yes, you can make it yourself. If you ask us, that sounds like reason enough for Solange to keep a bottle handy during the Met Gala — wouldn't you want to have the option of touching up your fragrance midway through a long night of schmoozing? But Florida Water is much more than a pleasant perfume, in general and for the singer in particular.
Within Voodoo, Santeria, and other nature-based faiths, Florida Water is used for cleansing and protecting oneself and one's space. Like salt or sage in other spiritual practices, it's considered a powerful yet versatile purifying tool. Voodoo priestess and author Lilith Dorsey writes that Florida Water is similar to a quartz crystal in how multi-purpose it is, adding that some even refer to is as the "baking soda" of Paganism.
To name just a few of Florida Water's more common uses, one might sprinkle it over the threshold to their home or add it to other cleaning agents when mopping the floor. It's believed to help cleanse auras and crystals, and is often used to bless objects for protection and luck. In her essay that appeared in the spring/summer issue of Dazed, Solange mentioned her penchant for washing her hands with Florida Water, to help her "feel renewed."
Given her attachment to Florida Water (and its spiritual ubiquity), we wouldn't be surprised if Solange felt a little more grounded on last night's red carpet thanks to her accessory of choice.

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