Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Roll with the punches and you’ll come out stronger and wiser on the other end. This week, the planets are muscling up, raising the bar, and making even the easy stuff like grocery shopping a gladiatorial competition. The sun and retrograde Mercury shine in impulsive Aries, while go-getter Mars chugs toward an April Fools' meetup with Saturn, planet of brick walls and other obstacles. Saturday’s full moon in Libra will light a match under the configuration by triggering heart-achy conflicts between social needs, like getting along with your family, and personal wants, like taking an opportunity they object to.
The biannual Mars/Saturn meetup is often considered bad news, since the combo rule challenges, obstacles, fears, and setbacks. Even on their own, the two planets are astrology’s favorite villains, responsible for such misfortunes as fist-fights, traffic tickets, going to jail, and getting yelled at and quitting your job in a huff. But as any cross-country runner can tell you, facing up to challenges can be invigorating, putting you in touch with your Saturnian endurance and Martian bravery.
This week, you’ll be tested, no question. Arguments over what show to watch on date night can escalate into full-out breakup ultimatums. A minor Mercury retrograde-inspired mistake at work can lead to a sit-down meeting with a supervisor that leaves you fuming. In addition to human tempers, a Mars and Saturn meetup (with Mercury Rx in the mix) creates a state of general unpleasantness: traffic snarls, court summons, app crashes, looming deadlines, insecurity, and fears of failure.
But here’s why this week could be awesome. Saturn, your inner adulting voice, points out the flaws in your plans, and Mars gives you the determination to persist. These two tough-guy planets produce durable, troubleshot results and long-term success. Talking out the frustrations in your relationship with Martian directness and Saturnian maturity will deepen the love you share and reinvigorate the sexy fire between you and your partner. If handled well, a workplace dispute can lead to a raise and any creative project will thrive under this astrological combo’s relentless energy.