You May Never Have To Assemble Another Piece Of Ikea Furniture Again

Photo: Courtesy of TaskRabbit.
Raise your hand if you think you may hold the world record for longest amount of time spent trying to put together a single piece of Ikea furniture. Those of you who have your hands raised, you're not alone. We too have spent way too much time attempting to make sense of assembly instructions and trying to figure out where the hell we put the teeny tiny Allen wrench that came with all the other minuscule pieces. Despite the headache that Ikea furniture assembly inevitably causes, we just keep coming back because well, we like the designs and prices. But, wouldn't it be so nice if we never had to put together another piece ever again? Now, that's a possibility because Ikea and TaskRabbit just rolled out an at-home assembly service.
After Ikea purchased TaskRabbit back in September, it was finally announced yesterday that a new TaskRabbit assembly and mounting service had been officially introduced at over six Ikea stores around San Francisco and New York City. Later this year, more locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Boston, Washington D.C., and other U.S. cities will introduce the service as well.
If you live outside of those markets, but still really don't want to have to put together your own Ikea furniture or mount your own wall shelves, you can have a Tasker come to your home by booking online. Then, you'll be paired with a Tasker in your areas that's qualified to tackle the daunting job of furniture assembly. If you book online, you can get a Tasker to your home as soon as the next day.
Photo: Courtesy of TaskRabbit.
Photo: Courtesy of TaskRabbit.
Though that prospect is exciting, it's really only achievable if the price for a Tasker is right — after all money is one of the key reasons we shop at Ikea in the first place. TaskRabbit assembly of Ikea pieces starts at $36 and is based on a flat rate per type of item. Considering how many hours of our lives we've already wasted screaming into our newly purchased pillows as we try to assemble our other Ikea finds, however, we're pretty sure the price will be right.

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