10 Amazing Black Romance Movies

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Intersectionality is about more than the convergence of multiple identities. It’s also about how those identities impact people’s ability to prosper and flourish in their lives. I think the fact that Black History Month overlaps with Valentine’s Day presents us with an opportunity to really reflect on that. During the time of year when way too many people are thinking about relationships, there is an opportunity to think about how Blackness impacts the love lives of African-Americans.
Any good, Black romance film is sure to take this into consideration by giving just as much attention to the extraneous details of lovers’ lives as it does to how they feel about each other. All of my favorite Black romantic classics either directly or indirectly call larger themes into question. They are more than love stories, they are musings on heteronormativity, Black masculinity and femininity, family, etc. And I’ve made a list of them just for you.
These are the Black romance movies that will make your fist rise, your head nod, and your heart melt at the same damn time.
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