This Ice Dancing Couple's Routine Was Too Hot For TV

Photo: Atsushi Tomura - ISU/ISU/Getty Images.
Couple's ice dancing has a reputation for being a very beautiful sport, with fierce artistry and dazzling lifts. But Canadian duo Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue are known for injecting the ethereal sport with some serious sensuality — and one move in particular inspired a lot of eyeball emojis. Unfortunately, you won't see them perform it at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, because it's just too hot for TV.
The Toronto Star reports that Moir and Virtue performed a lift at the Canadian National Championships that ruffled some feathers. During a routine, set to music from Moulin Rouge, Virtue's legs wrap around Moir's neck while she sits up and grasps his neck, so it appears that the pair is simulating, well, you can guess. It's just a small part of a very quick lift progression (Cosmopolitan notes that lifts in ice dancing can only last ten seconds or less) in a stunning program; the pair received a perfect score at that competition.
"We wanted to make a bit of a different statement, and if that was bringing a certain edge or sexuality or darkness or a contemporary feeling to it, mission accomplished I guess...I think we liked that it made a statement, and it was different," said Virtue, in one of the biggest understatement of sports history.
The pair will be altering their lift into something more PG-rated when they compete in Pyeongchang. "What it came down to actually was that when we slowed it down and looked on the video, it wasn’t aesthetically that beautiful of a position, so we wanted to change it, make it a little bit better," explained Moir.
The newer lift, which will debut at the Olympics, will see Virtue descend onto one knee before things get too steamy.
You can watch Moir and Virtue's performance featuring the sexy lift movement below. It happens around the 2:30 mark, in case you'd like to uh, rewind it a few times.
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