Starbucks Japan Releases Line Of Millennial Pink Drinks For Cherry Blossom Season

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Springtime typically brings forth an explosion of millennial pink, some of which is poured from bottles upon bottles of rosé. Cheers-ing with this beverage is how many of us celebrate the return of warm weather. But, there are some other pink beverages we want to try that celebrate spring and more specifically the cherry blossom or sakura season in Japan.
RocketNews 24 first alerted us to the fact that Starbucks Japan is introducing three new drinks as part of it's 2018 Sakura Collection, the Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino, the Sakura Strawberry Pink Milk Latte, and the Sakura Strawberry Pink Tea. According to a Starbucks Japan press release, the Sakura drinks will become available on February 15.
Ahead of the official release date, the coffee company has shown off what the new drinks will look like and they are definitely easy on the eyes. Both the Frappuccino and the latte feature the same millennial pink color, while the tea rocks a much deeper shade of pink.
Since we don't live in Japan and probably won't get to try these three Sakura-inspired drinks, it's nice that the drinks are a treat for the eyes as well. However, before you go scrolling through Instagram to find all the most beautiful shots to be jealous about, let's a least touch on what they actually taste like. As the names suggest, each one of the beverages features sakura and strawberry flavors, which according to RocketNews 24 come together to offer the right balance between sweet and sour.
While the drinks share an overarching flavor profile, each one also has their own unique characteristics. For example, the Starbucks Japan's recent press release explains that the Sakura Strawberry Pink Mochi Frappuccino contains an interesting texture story. It's made with Michijoji powder, which forms into kind of a jelly. It also contains sticky rice pieces and strawberry chocolate chips. We never thought we'd say it, but this beverage sounds like it might just put a bottle of rosé to shame.

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