The Pioneer Woman's Fridge Is A Cheese-Filled Wonderland

Photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images.
If you’re a blogger, TV personality, and also responsible for feeding an entire family without the ability to order take-out, what does that mean for your fridge?
If you’re Ree Drummond, a.k.a. the Pioneer Woman, it means keeping a kitchen (and fridge) fully stocked with the essentials. In other words: lots of cheese. Drummond recently gave her Instagram followers a glimpse into the foods she likes to keep stocked as part of a big kitchen cleaning project. The revamp was inspired by the “calamity” that can result from Christmas break (“college kids, video shoots, and all around busy-ness [sic]”).
While the three “before” pictures Drummond provides aren’t anything worthy of a Hoarders-style T.V. show, its’ true that it’s hard to imagine being able to locate exactly what you’d need the way things are thrown in.
The “after” picture, however, organizes things more clearly, and also revealed what essentials Drummond appears to be accidentally repurchasing without realizing how much she already has. She found “a million strawberries,” for example, that are all now grouped together. Her cheese, now all corralled into one place, might be more impressive.
The Instagram shot only provides a partial look at her dairy collection, but we counted at least seven of the 1-lb blocks of cheese, plus three sleeves of what appears to be sliced deli cheese. And that’s just what is apparent to the eye: we assume, buried within, is even more lactose-laden goodness.
Drummond also shared that the fridge reorganization (which included scrubbing the shelves) actually resulted in minimal food waste, and she even discovered salvageable kale and arugula. While our own fridges might not be enough to power a food blog or feed a family of ranchers, its nevertheless providing our own inspiration to start of the new year with a revamp. We may even steal her trick of storing fruit in mixing bowls.
Now if only choosing to clean out our own fridges could also turn up this much cheese…
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