Sugarfina Is Bringing Us Two New Booze-Infused Candies As Part Of A New Collab

Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina.
When we first began that transition into true adulthood, there were a few parts of this forthcoming phase of life we were really dreading. Piles of candy, late boozy nights, and wearing pajamas as clothes seemed like the price we had to pay to get through our mid-twenties, but for those entering responsible adulthood, let it be known, this is not actually the case. Sugarfina and Tito’s have stepped in with two new candies that clear up that grown-ups can’t handle fun misconception.
Today, Sugarfina announced its new partnership with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and together the brands are releasing two new booze-inspired candies. Soon even the most responsible of adults will be able to indulge in a few of the most fun aspects of their youths with Tito’s American Mule Bears and Tito’s Vodka Cordials.
The Tito's American Mule Bears are Sugarfina's newest "grown-up gummy bear" option, joining the wildly popular Rosé Bears and Champagne Bears. Just like the real mules we still occasionally kick back, this gummy is made with a splash of ginger beer and is infused with Tito’s Vodka. A cube of the non-alcoholic Tito's American Mule Bears costs $8.50. Admittedly, that's a bit more expensive than the Project 7 Moscow Mule Gourmet Gummies we discovered in September, but with Sugarfina's track-record, we're sure the purchase won't disappoint.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina.
Photo: Courtesy of Sugarfina.
The Tito’s Vodka Cordials give off more obvious college vibes than it's Moscow Mule-inspired sister, however, they manage to be just as refined. The candy is a dark chocolate cordial that is filled with a small sip of actual Tito’s vodka. Based on our previous experience with Sugarfina's Casamigo Give It a Shot chocolate cordial, biting into these cordials will be like taking a teeny tiny shot of Tito's — with the addition of chocolate, of course. The treat contains a maximum of 5% alcohol by volume, so it's really like a party in a very petite package.
A cute cube of the Tito’s Vodka Cordials also cost $8.50, but there's an option to buy both together in an even more precious package. The limited edition Vodka Is Always a Good Idea Candy Bento Box comes with Tito’s American Mule Bears, Tito’s Vodka Cordials, and a mini mule mug. This bento box's name alone is enough to convince anyone that adulthood can still be a blast.

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