Hugh Jackman, Zendaya & Zac Efron Were The Best Part Of A Christmas Story

You didn't even need to turn on the TV last night to know that the reactions to Fox's A Christmas Story Live were, well, let's just say mixed. Amid all the less-than-complimentary words Twitter users had for the production, however, there was a bit of love in the air too. Only it was for a different live show, the first-ever live movie trailer for The Greatest Showman.
The ad was less of a movie teaser than a live performance of the upcoming movie's original song, "Come Alive," which stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Keala Settle performed alongside 150 dancers on the Warner Bros. Studio stages.
The crossover makes complete sense, as Deadline points out, because Benj Pasek and Justin Paul wrote both the musical adaptation of A Christmas Story and the songs for Greatest Showman. Also, obviously, because anyone tuned in to the TV event was a pretty good target audience for the movie.
They lapped it up.
"[T]he greatest showman is my favorite movie. now i haven't seen it yet but it's my fav," @AlleyDarga1 wrote during the telecast.
"Watching A Christmas Story Live and the cast of The Greatest Showman did a live performance and ZAC EFRON SANG. THAT HASNT HAPPENED SINCE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. I cried," gushed @taylordoffing31.
"I. Just. DIED. Watching the live commercial for The Greatest Showman," @LJaneShaw reported from beyond the grave.
The ad, which also streamed on Facebook Live, where you can watch it now, was far from flawless. There were some off notes, the mics picked up the singers' breathing, and at the end, an ecstatic cast member yells, "We did it!" with just a little too much surprise. That's exactly what viewers want from a live show, though. That and another chance to see the greatest friendship between Zendaya and Efron.
"This first-ever live commercial for a feature film is one that P.T. Barnum would be proud of and one that I hope paves the way for future titles," Michelle Marks, senior vice president of marketing and global media promotions for 20th Century Fox Film told AdWeek of the spot. Oh, we hope they do this for Deadpool 2 next.
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