A Girl Was Ghosted By Her Date & Then Ended Up On An Epic Adventure

There's a word that many of us have become a little too familiar with in the last few years: ghosting. We're too familiar with it because it happens all too often. (Ghosting, for the uninitiated, is when the person you've been talking to or dating suddenly disappears without explanation.)
But one woman from Texas may have had the best possible outcome for a date gone horribly wrong, all thanks to her Uber driver.
Twitter user @vickto_willy is the Uber driver in question. A few days ago, she picked up a woman named Leah, who flew from Texas to Florida to see a guy and was then promptly blown off. So, what's an Uber driver to do in that situation? Ask the girl to hang out with you and your friends.
But that's not where the story ends. Leah told @vickto_willy that she had been alone in her hotel room since Thursday (it was Saturday by that point) and that the one time the guy she came to see did come over, he asked where he could park his car so that no one would see it.
The Uber driver, understandably, thought there was something fishy with the way this guy was acting, even though he claimed the secrecy was because his coach (he's a college athlete) would be angry to know he was there.
Eventually, @vickto_willy invited Leah to go out to a club with her and her friends.
"She’s super sweet and charming and I’m about to show her a good time," she tweeted. "Taking her to a pregame, already got her listening to Florida music like Ice Berg and Major Nine. Changing her life and getting her lit."
But even a fun night out isn't a cure for such a severe ghosting. And we understand, because Leah actually got on a plane for this man. While at the club, and probably a few drinks in, Leah called the guy to ask for an explanation, with @vickto_willy right by her side.
Although she didn't get the answers she wanted, Leah did make a solid new friend. @vickto_willy drove her back to her hotel at the end of the night, tucked her in, made sure she was okay, and then picked her up to drive her to the airport the next morning.
"You never know how you can make someone’s day, month, or year just by asking them how they are," @vickto_willy tells Refinery29. "I don’t think I did anything super admirable. I feel like anyone in my place would have invited Leah to hang out because it’s the human thing to do."
Although we're not as sure that anyone would have done so much for a girl they just met, we're glad that Leah ended up in @vickto_willy's car. At least her trip wasn't a total waste, and she ended up with a great friend.
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