Justin Timberlake, Food Genius, Just Discovered A Whole New Way To Eat Berries

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There's no denying Justin Timberlake is a renaissance man. He's got his sexy croon down, he can act in a drama, and has us in stitches with every one of his appearances on BFF Jimmy's Fallon's Tonight Show. Most recently, he added food scientist to his impressive resumé, and while in that role, he actually invented a whole new type of fruit.
Yesterday, Timberlake shared a video on Instagram, which we found thanks to People, and in it, he's shown concocting an interesting and unexpected snack. He begins by saying, "I'll show you," then spears a raspberry and a blueberry with his fork. In the background, we hear whoever is filming giggle and say, "you need to choose." But, choose he does not. Timberlake wants both berries, and he's going to prove to his friend and all of Instagram he can make that happen. He continues in his smooth Memphis accent, "You got the raspberry... you got the blueberry, right? Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits in raspberry perfectly? I think not."
As the singer explains this, he demonstrates how the two berries fit together like puzzle pieces. Once the blueberry is inside the raspberry, he utters the single word, "Brasperry," pops the treat into his mouth, and with that, has invented a totally new berry for fruit lovers everywhere. You can watch the historic moment unfold on the Instagram video Timberlake simply captioned "Braspberry..."


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In case his masterpiece SexyBack, his energetic performance in The Social Network, or his portrayal of Barry Gibb's brother Robin in the recurring "Barry Gibbs Talkshow"on SNL didn't do it, we now have clear, definitive proof that Justin Timberlake is a true visionary. If you already knew this, however, the video can still act as instructions on how to totally shake up your fruit snacking habits. Honestly, after this, Timberlake should take a tip from Johnathan Cheban a.k.a Foodgōd and officially change his name to Food Genius.
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