#SignsYoureARealAdult Is Making Us Nostalgic For A Time Before Hashtags

What does it mean to be a true adult? For some people, the mere act of turning 18 is enough for them to label themselves a bonafide grown-up. Others, however, have milestones they wish to achieve — and they can be as huge as buying a house, or as small as deciding not to take that third tequila shot on a Tuesday night.
For those of us still unsure of what qualifies as true "adulting," Twitter is here to deliver oodles of examples. The hashtag #SignsYoureAnAdult began trending on Thursday, with the Twittersphere sharing moments that made some people realize they officially got their grown-up act together.
Unfortunately, some of these tweets may make you wish you didn't have to aspire to adult — because honestly, they don't sound all that fun.
"When Ariel [from The Little Mermaid] says 'I'm 16 years old. I'm not a child anymore' and you yell back 'YES YOU ARE!,'" tweeted one adult.
For some, adulting means being a little less lazy.
"Picking the ice cube up instead of kicking it under the fridge."
For others, it's a shift in priorities.
"You stay home on Friday night because reading a book or watching a movie seems more fun than the club."
Another thinks it's more about what the people around you are doing.
"#SignsYoureARealAdult you start seeing babies all over your Facebook timeline and so you switch to Twitter to look for fellow broken souls."
Sleep definitely becomes more important the older you get.
"#SignsYoureARealAdult You wake up in the morning and the first thing you think of is taking a nap when you get home from work."
An exciting day of adulting may involve paying off your credit card statement.
"#SignsYoureARealAdult you get excited when your bills are all paid on time."
Money, however, doesn't go as far as it used to.
"$100 feels more like $15.75 now. #SignsYoureARealAdult."
A side effect of adulting? Your parents become all the more relatable.
"#SignsYoureARealAdultYou understand why your parents worried so much when you were late home."
Being an adult may be stressful at times, but at least there's always the sweet release of a midday nap. One day, the youths will understand what we're talking about.

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