Twitter Can't Decide What To Think About This Egg Yolk Cappuccino

produced by Christina Dun; edited by Christina Dun.
Round K, a cafe in New York City, has a signature drink that, to Americans, is pretty unconventional. It's called the egg cappuccino, and as wild as it might sound to some, it's a traditional Korean espresso drink. Recently, the beverage has been blowing up on Twitter, and perhaps unsurprisingly, users are sharing their very mixed reactions.
First things first, the egg cappuccino is made by adding a hot egg yolk to a cup of espresso, and the two components are whisked together. Then, it's topped with lightly whipped heavy cream and finished off with a sprinkle of cocoa powder. If that's hard to imagine, you can see the beverage being made in the video above.
Despite the fact that, in the end, the egg cappuccino looks like a regular fancy coffee drink, many Twitter users are skeptical about putting egg yolk in their favorite morning beverage. After seeing videos of the cappuccino being made, people have responded with GIFs and tweets expressing utter confusion over the concept of combining egg and coffee.
Mixed in among the skeptical reactions, however, are tweets from people with a more optimistic view of the egg cappuccino. Some are writing that they'd eagerly try it, while other are tweeting that they've had it before, and it's actually delicious. One Twitter user named Michele Bovenzi explained, "We do that in Italy as well! Just with less coffee :)"
The mixed opinions are understandable, since the unfamiliar is usually met with some level of apprehension. If you have reservations about egg yolk coffee, perhaps it would help to think of the drink of a combination of two key components of breakfast. You can get your scrambled eggs and your cappuccino all in one vessel. That might not work for everyone though. As one user put it, "it'd be even better if they replaced the egg with a #donut."

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